How to Enroll

In this video we’ll  show you the 3 easy steps to enroll your child to Babynastix | Monkeynastix & Supernastix

STEP 1 LOG in or create an account: We’re going to use a google account for this tutorial

STEP 2 Once you are automatically logged in you will see STEP 2 Appear on the main menu

On The Payfast payment Page , Choose your Method of payment and complete the payment process

When your payment is successful you will see the site returning back to Minastix where you are presented with the

Step 3 enrollment form

On Submission you will receive an Email as well as a notification on the site that your submission has been successful

Now you can click on the gear icon located in the top right corner to view your account invoices, memberships and more.

You may also see your enrollment when you click on My Account > My Enrollments